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Marcel Breuer | The Wassily Chair – the chair that launched a thousand iconic furniture design ideas

"Modern architecture is not a style, it's an attitude.” - Marcel Breuer Hey, hey, Everybody! It's the birthday of one of the most inspiring modernists!  Marcel Breuer (May 21, 1902 - July 1, 1981) was born in Hungary and became one of the most influential Bauhaus furniture designers and architects. [...]

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Bauformat – A Sustainable Company

Bauformat takes responsibility and attaches utmost priority to addressing climate protection. The aim is not only to reduce CO2 emissions but to compensate for them in full and beyond. We can verify that we help the environment far beyond common standards which is why BAUFORMAT is certified as a particularly climate-positive company. Our furniture  also carries Germany’s best-known environmental label, the Blue [...]

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Bauformat – A German Kitchen Cabinetry Company

What is Bauformat? Bauformat is pronounced Bau-For-Mat. “Bau” is pronounced like you would the “bau” in “Bauhaus.” Each syllable is equally emphasized. Bauformat was founded in 1917 by four Baumann brothers. It is in its third generation of being owned and operated by the Baumann family. [...]

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How to Hide Electrical Outlets in a Kitchen

It happens all the time.  Designers spend hours, weeks, and sometimes months creating a beautiful kitchen for a client.  And, then, there comes a time where you have to address the backsplash outlet covers. Nobody likes it when an outlet cover breaks up an otherwise cohesive design.  More and more, kitchens are being opened up [...]

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Interior Alchemy Design Process – Phase 6: Deliver

At Interior Alchemy, our final phase is about delivering the built space to you.  During this phase, the bulk of the responsibility shifts to the Contractor you have hired, but it is critical that Interior Alchemy support the process.  With thousands of design decisions we made during the DREAM, DEVELOP and DOCUMENT phases in [...]

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Interior Alchemy Design Process – Phase 5: Document

At Interior Alchemy, our fifth phase is to document everything required to communicate our design to the contractor.  After the design has been approved by all agencies and stakeholders, and you are satisfied with the design reached at the end of the DEVELOP phase, we begin producing Construction Documents (also known as CDs) which which will guide [...]

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Interior Alchemy Design Process – Phase 4: Develop

At Interior Alchemy, our fourth phase is where your approved design concept is taken through to the finish line.  This is where the project comes to life!  In the DREAM phase, we focused our design on how efficient it is to use the space and how the space functions.  During the DEVELOP phase, we [...]

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Interior Alchemy Design Process – Phase 3: Dream

At Interior Alchemy, the third phase in our process is to DREAM.  Having explored the goals of the project and defined the problems, we are now ready to begin the creative exploration of conceptual design solutions to those problems. A well-designed project is the sum of thousands of complex elements and decisions coming together to [...]

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Interior Alchemy Design Process – Phase 2: Define

At Interior Alchemy, our second phase requires stepping back and defining the total problem that we will need to solve.  We gather all of the information we gleaned from the DISCOVER phase and begin analyzing your needs and wish lists.  We review everything you want and need, and overlay that with the existing conditions of [...]

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Interior Alchemy Design Process – Phase 1: Discover

At Interior Alchemy, our first phase is one of my favorite parts of the design process - it is learning about YOU, how you use your space, and what you want your space to do for you.  To gain an understanding of you and your project, we explore the existing physical structure and the [...]

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