We are interior designers in Portland, Oregon specializing in kitchen and bath design.  We offer modern interior design in the Portland area, including services and products to homeowners, designers, architects, and builders.

Thoughtful and intentional interior design has the power to enhance our lives and improve the ways in which we dwell, relax, and amuse ourselves. We elevate the spaces you call home to improve your enjoyment of life.

Interior Alchemy is the fusion of art and science to transform space into experiences which add value and improve your quality of life.


Interior Alchemy transforms space into customized experiences which improve your quality of life.

People tailor their suits when they want to look and feel great. People customize their cars so their commute is easier and more enjoyable.

But when it comes to our personal space – where we live, sleep, work and play – we tend to accept its as-is condition and rarely bother to change more than the paint color. The choices of the builder or previous owner, not our choices, determine our finishes, appliances, and layout, regardless of our unique patterns of use. We spend the majority of our lives in spaces designed by people whose objective it was to build something as cheaply as possible.

People accept mediocrity not because they don’t understand the value derived from experiencing beauty, fit, comfort, and liberation when challenging tasks become easier to perform, but because they seldom question what already exists.

Interior Alchemy fiercely rejects mediocrity.

We work with you to customize your space to suit your lifestyle. Imagine your space working for you, freeing up your time, making daily tasks easier, loving where you spend much of your time.

We take the time to learn how you use your space and design solutions for you that add value to your life in ways you never imagined. 

We are interior design revolutionaries intent on adding richness to your experience of living and improving the quality of your life. 

Let’s design something together which allows you to live the life you’ve been meaning to live – something that makes you feel like saying,

“I belong here.”


Our interior design gallery in Portland, Oregon features the best modern kitchen, bathroom, closet, and living space cabinetry systems to tailor your home to your lifestyle.

 We are a Bauformat and BauTeam Partner – fine makers of modern European cabinetry:

The Interior Alchemy Design Gallery is open to homeowners, designers, architects, contractors, and builders.

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