What is Bauformat?

Bauformat is pronounced Bau-For-Mat. “Bau” is pronounced like you would the “bau” in “Bauhaus.” Each syllable is equally emphasized.

Bauformat was founded in 1917 by four Baumann brothers. It is in its third generation of being owned and operated by the Baumann family.

Bauformat is headquartered in Löhne, Germany known as “The Kitchen Capital of the World” because of its concentration of high quality cabinet manufacturers. Two-thirds of the entire German kitchen cabinetry industry is located along Highway A30 around Löhne in Westfalia – a northwestern region of Germany.

As a leading kitchen furniture brand, Bauformat regularly travels the world to share their newest products at trade shows around the world at events such as EuroCucina in Italy and KBIS in the US.

Every fall, kitchen industry professionals and trade partners meet in and around Löhne for 7 days to attend KUECHENEMEILE – The Kitchen Mile – the world’s largest kitchen design show.  At this show, the best kitchen cabinet makers present their newest innovations and showcase the latest in European kitchen design style and engineering, and appliance manufactueres instriduce their newest technologies to the world.

In 2021, Interior Alchemy’s founder, Angela, traveled to KüchenMeile and met with Bauformat at their factory and at their showroom, Haus Beck. Haus Beck is a 500-year old manor estate that was bound for demolition until the Baumann family stepped in to renovate it and use it as their world headquarters, kitchen and bath showroom, and training center.

It was here that Angela spent time with Bauformat (“the Kitchen Family”) and understood the rich history and tradition of the compnay and saw first-hand how they care for their employees and the incredible technology used at the factory to deliver such high quality kitchen cabinetry.

With 105 years of experience and 3 generations of the Baumann family ownership, Bauformat employs over 1200 people at their facilities in Löhne and takes great care in sustainably producing 650 kitchens a day!