Angela Garvin
Angela GarvinInterior Designer
Founder & Principal Interior Designer

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Analysis

National Kitchen & Bath Association Member
Interior Design Society Member

Photo Credit: Christopher Dibble

Angela Garvin is Principal Interior Designer at Interior Alchemy, a design company she founded in 2011. With experience in all aspects of Interior Architecture, including some commercial work, Angela specializes in design practice areas where science and art merge together – where details and aesthetics meet to create highly-functional spaces which make life easier for her clients.  Focusing on the technical areas of design such as Kitchens, Baths, Lighting, and Remodels, Angela delivers customized design solutions for her clients’ unique lifestyles which save them time and energy when doing what they love to do most.

Angela earned her first Bachelor’s degree in the field of Environmental Analysis where she studied climate change, analyzed the relationships between people and places, and developed science-based solutions to improve people’s lives.

After a decade working for a business consulting firm, Angela returned to school to explore the creative side of positively impacting how people interact with their environment by earning a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She founded Interior Alchemy in The Midwest before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2014. She is also the Kitchen and Bath Design instructor at Heritage School of Interior Design since 2019. In the Spring of 2023, she opened our retail space and studio  – the Interior Alchemy Design Gallery – to showcase the best kitchen innovations from aroudn the world.

Angela is passionate about the history of architecture and design, and how the past informs our design vocabulary today. When she isn’t designing, Angela enjoys traveling, going to see live music, exploring Portland’s culinary scene, growing roses, and exploring her neighborhood on foot.  She lives with her husband and two whippets in The Alberta Arts District and a daughter in college at Oregon State University.