Large retail or big box kitchen designers are salespeople who are not often trained in interior design or space planning requirements for kitchens and baths, and are not able to see the project through from start to finish, including setting foot on site to check in on the installation of your design vision.  Their jobs are to sell cabinetry and other products for the home from the list of limited inventory their store carries.  They cannot take the time to listen to what makes you unique, get to know how you move through your kitchen, what functional pain points you experience in your home, or come up with clever custom solutions that make working in the most active room of the home easier for everyone. And once the products are purchased, they are not available to help you troubleshoot surprises that may come to light after demolition.

Interior Alchemy has a group of trusted brand product partners that we use because we vetted them for quality and trustworthiness, and we have developed strong relationships with them. But we also have access to nearly all the brands in the world to use to complete your design vision.  We have many more options than those offered on the shelves of big box stores. With unlimited access, we can ensure that you have access to special products to make your project unique.

And beyond the surface-level “design” offered at big retail chains, Interior Alchemy’s magic elixir goes deeper than that. At our core, we believe that the homeowner IS the story of the design.  Not only do we listen to who you are and how you use your space, but we work to find ways to customize your space to your needs and lifestyle.  We don’t hide away all of your personal treasures, we celebrate them.  We infuse the design with your story or your brand.  We will share the story of who you are without having to speak.