Custom remodeling and full-service design projects take time, investment, and effort.  We explore your wishes and help you decide where and how to invest to achieve your goals.

Pre-project planning to help you avoid budget surprises.

Do you have plenty of big ideas but need help choosing which elements to invest in? Are you concerned about your project going over budget and want to reduce the risk of costly and surprising change orders during the process? Do you have a contractor but they need help understanding what you want before they can estimate how much it will cost? Have you been burned before by a project that wasn’t clearly defined before you took the leap and started demolition?

We provide real numbers for your project so that you have better control over what you spend. 

By choosing our Exploratory Design Phase, we work with you over the course of approximately 6-8 weeks to put a plan into place that helps you allocate your resources to areas that make the most sense to achive your goals.  You remain in control of your investment amount and avoid spiraling out of control and over budget due to weak planning. When completed, you can feel confident that you’re ready for demolition and creating your dream home.

All inquiries start with a free 20-minute Discovery Call.

A conversation on the phone or video chat to discover – Are we a good fit? What is the scope of your project? Can we complete this within your schedule? We will then walk you through our process, fees, and any other questions you may have along the way. At the end of the Discovery Call, we should have a good idea of which of our consulting below is the best fit for you and your project.

During this Exploratory Design Phase, we provide:

  • In-Person, on-site, client project defining meeting (pre-programing)
    • Collect/synthesize/analyze the client wishlist
    • Conduct field measure of space
    • Take existing photos of the space
  • Preliminary Design/Programming:
    • Draft the existing conditions drawings
    • Define the Project Objectives and Scope
  • Create project concept
  • Draft new rough drawings of the improved design
  • Meet with contractor and trades on-site and review schematic plans to obtain realistic labor estimates (up to 3 hours)
  • Create a Project Investment Proposal that aligns with your project goals and desired results (note: at this phase, types of materials and fixtures may be chosen but we have not yet made decisions on exact brands, model numbers, or final colors)
  • In-person, investment and budgeting review meeting with client to determine exact scope
  • Design fee amount to achieve the design we agreed to during this phase, based on the client’s desired real budget and actual scope for the designer

If you are seeking professional advice on a smaller scale, schedule a Discovery Call with Angela to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Interior Design Services

We offer interior design consulting services to homeowners and trade professionals on the following:

  • Exploratory and project fesibility services
  • Architectural plan review
  • Kitchen layout review
  • Cabinetry + built-in layouts
  • Material Selections (Countertops/Tile/Flooring)
  • Lighting plans and selection
  • General construction/renovation ideas