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Melamine Front | versatile, entry-level:

Characteristics: The melamine front has a scratch-proof and highly durable surface, recommended, for instance, for very busy family kitchens. And as durable as it is, there are no hard feelings. Fingerprints are hard to find. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, a melamine front is also liquid-repellent. Even after years of exposure to sunlight, the frontage colour finishes keep their radiance. Extremely versatile, you‘ll find a wide choice of melamine fronts even at entry-level prices.

Aesthetic appeal: The melamine front is available in a huge range of colours and decor finishes. Coming with a finely textured surface, it leaves no margin of doubt as a timber reproduction with extremely authentic character. Shining melamine surfaces captivate with a particularly high level of gloss and depth of brilliance. Even metallic effects can be produced with melamine.

Price Group: PG1

Colors: 13 options

Availability for Cube (standard cabinetry with handles) and/or Purista (handless design with channel): Cube and Purista

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