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With over 200 front design options in over 15 materials, more than 50 handle options includes a range of handle-less styles, Bauformat cabinetry provides a unique design for everyone.

We excel at functional storage accessories, intergrated lighting systems, smart organization, accent glass options, work-assist mechanisms, and innovative materials such as ceramics, glass, and anti-fingerprint surfaces that make your everyday life easier and more beautiful.

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Handle Options

One of the first things to decide is how you want your cabinetry to function – do you want to use handles/pulls to open the doors and drawers or do you want a true handless experience?

Cube | designed for use with handles:

Cube is the typical cabinetry style that we are most used to seeing in America.  The cabinetry is designed so that adding handles or pulls on doors and drawers is required in order for you to be able to access the items inside the cabinet.  You can also upgrade this system to a handleless experience by adding “taipan” mechanisms to the cabinet frame that allow you to push on the cabinet door or drawer and it will pop open.  Upgraded drawers which feature the push-to-open drawer glide still allow you to use the soft drawer close function.  However, when you use tipon (push to open) mechanisms for doors, you will lose the soft-close function on the cabinet doors.

Bauformat offers an assortment of standard handles/pulls/knobs which are available at no additional charge, as well as a selection of upgraded handles for an additional price.  You can also choose to instal your own cabinetry handles on our Cube cabinets.

Purista | handleless:

Bauformat also offers 3 true handle-less options to choose from.  The Purista style is designed so that handles are not necessary at all. Instead, there is a visible, horizontal channel that allows you the required finger clearance to pull open the door or drawer.  These channels come in a variety of colors to match your cabinet fronts or you can use this as an opportunity to add a contrasting color as part of the kitchen design.

Our channel also has the option to upgrade it to a lighted channel that is fully dimmable and white-tunable.

There are three styles of handless options and you can mix and match these for added visual interest.

  • Cucina Purista (CP): True handleless design with integrated channel (built-in handle) available in stainless steel or matte/high gloss lacquer finishes – typically will have a top and mid channel mixed throughout, depending on exact cabinet selection.
  • Cucina Purista One (CP One): A more minimalist approach to the true handleless kitchen by only featuring a single visible top rail with a hidden bottom rail 
  • Cucina Purista 35 (CP 35): The channel is used but for an added design element and reinforcement, the door/drawer fronts are beveled at 35° and the bevel is covered with a stainless steel profile.
Cucina Purista with LED Channel Lighting
Cucina Purista One
Cucina Purista 35

Cabinetry Front Styles, Series, and Colors

With over 200 standard cabinet door and drawer front options to choose from, not including our Lux Collection and our fully-custom front collections, Bauformat has a cabinet front that’s perfect for your modern kitchen design or your traditional kitchen.

Each one of our door series is named after a world city.


Our standard cabinet front options are priced across 8 different price points to suit everyone’s investment amount.  Price Group 1 (PG1) is the most affordable front material and Price Group 8 (PG8) is the most expensive cainet front material.

Most of our cabinet fronts styles offer a coordinating glass door option which is framed in the same material – with clear, frosted or smoked glass. But we also offer 4 other styles of glass fronts – everything from metal flush-mounted glass to edge-to-edge glass fronts which offer options and the ultimate design flexibility.

Melamine Front | versatile, value:

Characteristics: The single-layer melamine front has a scratch-resistant and highly durable surface, recommended for very busy family kitchens. Fingerprints are hard to find. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, a melamine front is also liquid-repellent. Even after years of exposure to sunlight, the finishes keep their radiance. Extremely versatile, you‘ll find a wide choice of melamine fronts even at entry-level prices.

Aesthetic appeal: The melamine front is available in a huge range of colors and decorative finishes. Its finely textured surface lends a realistic and authentic character to the wood grain versions.

Series: Baku (PG1), Bali (PG1), Brest (PG1), Siena (PG1), Chicago (PG1), Kitzbühel (PG2), London (PG3)

Colors: 37 color options | solid colors and wood grain

Door/drawer front style: Slab

Laminate Front | durable, strong:

Characteristics: At first sight, the laminate front looks like the melamine front. An untrained eye will hardly be able to tell the difference. Compared to melamine which is directly applied to the front, the structure of the laminate front is comprised of multiple materials layered together which results in a more rigid and thicker protective coating. This thicker face coating comes with a wealth of advantages: laminate, for instance, is harder and extremely durable. This also makes it a popular choice for heavily used worktops.

The material is also postformable for a seamless look on the door or drawer front. In the postforming process, the material is heated and shaped around already-rounded or profiled edges.

Laminate fronts are very hygienic, easy to clean, not affected by moisture, and can withstand even heavy everyday wear and tear for years on end.

Aesthetic appeal: Laminate fronts come in a wide range of colors and decorative finishes. This material is highly recommended for anyone wanting a seamless look or rounded edges. Because the options of postforming open up unmatched creative scope, particularly in combination with laminate.

Series: Stockholm (PG4), Singapur (PG5)

Colors: 7 color options | solid colors and metallics | 3 colors feature anti-fingerprint surface

Door/drawer front style: Slab

UV-Lacquered Front | tough finish, matte black option offers an anti-fingerprint coating:

Characteristics: The lacquer surface of UV-lacquer fronts is extremely tough and hard-wearing. This can be a huge benefit in family homes with kitchens that are in use every day of the week. The front‘s resilience is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process: the front of a quality MDF board receives several coats of UV-reactive lacquer and, after each lacquer coating, is cured in a matter of seconds with intense UV light. This curing process produces particularly hard, easy-to-clean surfaces – and the Berlin Matte Black features an “anti-fingerprint“ coating. Thick laminate edging on all sides is guaranteed to protect even the narrow edges from damage. UV lacquer fronts provide a surprising number of benefits even at entry-level pricing.

Aesthetic appeal: Whether high gloss or silky matte, UV lacquer fronts offer a wide range of beautiful sheens. Our UV-lacquered fronts are available in classic and current color finishes. The all-round thick laminate edging can be selected in the front color or any accent tone.

Series: Pamplona (PG2), Berlin (PG2)

Colors: 16 color options | solid colors | matte and high gloss| Matte Black color features an anti-fingerprint surface

Door/drawer front style: Slab

Lacquered Front | seamless, scratch-resistant:

Characteristics: Lacquered front surfaces provide a seal that‘s completely impervious, comparable with automotive paint finishes in terms of surface hardness and scratch resistance. In the course of the intricate work process, the substrate material is coated with a special 2-component lacquer and then sanded and polished to obtain the chosen surface finish. We are one of the very few kitchen furniture manufacturers who also seal the back of our lacquered fronts with a lacquer which makes them even more durable and hard-wearing. This is our unique approach to deliver the performance of an easy-to-clean and maintain surface on a classic front style.

Aesthetic appeal: Whether in understated matte lacquer or glamorous high-gloss lacquer, genuine lacquer fronts inspire with a wide variety of colors. Their exquisite styling details are timeless.

Series: Porto(PG4), Porto V (PG5 ), Rhodos (PG4), Rhodos V (PG5), Torino (PG4) , Girona (PG5), Saint-Tropez (PG5), Medina (PG7)

Colors: 86 color and door front combinations | solid colors | matte and high gloss | Matte Black Lacquer features an anti-fingerprint surface

Door/drawer front style: Slab | Slab with Curved Edges | Classic | Traditional | Shaker

Lacquered Solid Wood Front | natural textures:

Characteristics: When the classy, natural look and finely textured wood feel is combined with your personal choice of color and extreme ease of care, then you know you‘re dealing with a lacquered, genuine wood front. The frame around every door is made of solid wood, making the whole construction particularly sturdy. The infill is veneered in real wood. This has the advantage of making the doors lighter in weight and more durable. Kitchens designed in this way are also less expensive than kitchens made entirely of solid wood. In a final step, the real wood fronts are coated with a protective lacquer that makes the surfaces hard-wearing. As lacquered fronts don‘t have any bonded edges, there‘s no need to clean crevices as is necessary with laminated kitchen fronts. Completely sealed coats of lacquer are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The high-quality lacquered finish makes the hard-wearing material resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Aesthetic appeal: Designs that combine the traditional look with a more modern material look both inviting and luxurious. Kitchens with adjoining dining or living areas can be planned with lacquered real wood fronts to create a cohesive look. This design option is particularly popular for the trendy, modern farmhouse style. A wide range of ten lacquer colors opens up tremendous possibilities for creative ideas by easily incorporating various accent colors.

Series: Cambridge (PG6)

Colors: 15 colors | solid colors | matte with wood grain texture | Matte Ash Black Lacquer features an anti-fingerprint surface

Door/drawer front style: Slab | Shaker with beading

Glass Polymer Front | velvety-feel with antibacterial and anti-fingerprint coatings:

Characteristics: Our matte glass laminate fronts are almost identical to frosted real glass. The smart, innovative material has many advantages in terms of stability and functionality. It is ten times more resistant to breaking than real glass and 50 percent lighter. The surfaces are desirable for their high resistance to scratching in everyday life. They are easy to clean, so they are extremely hygienic due to their special antibacterial coating.

Aesthetic appeal: Glass effects have long been used in contemporary interior design because of their elegant appeal and excellent properties. They create exciting effects in a clever interplay with light. For example, the linear LED channels in ur Purista handless design emphasize the edges of the glass fronts creating an ethereal glow. The velvety-soft feel of this front is luxurious to the touch. An anti-fingerprint coating ensures that less cleaning is required. With all its benefits, the glass laminate front is an elegant alternative to real glass.

Series: Glasgow (PG6)

Colors: 4 color | solid colors | satin matte | all 4 colors feature an anti-fingerprint surface

Door/drawer front style: Slab

Wood Veneer Front | natural, wood character:

Characteristics: Naturally sustainable, wood veneer fronts give your home a sensually warm and inviting atmosphere. Grown naturally, the material is applied in veneer form to certified wood-based panels with tremendous skill and meticulous care. A special, premium protective lacquer makes the wood veneer more immune to moisture, dirt and scratches. As a natural mateial, a wood veneer front may possibly undergo minimal color variance over the course of many years and decades in response to sunlight – in just the same way as real wood parquet flooring does. For fans of this material, this is just further evidence of character and expression. Naturally, the purchasing costs are somewhat higher. By the same token, though, wood veneer fronts enhance the value of a property.

Aesthetic appeal: Given their natural beauty and elegance, wood veneer fronts make the ideal creative partner for all furnishing styles. Whether farmhouse style or a modern purist setting – the vibrant charisma of wood elevates every design concept with stunning effect. Real wood fronts bring unifying harmony to the other materials in the kitchen.

Series: Como (PG7)

Colors: 2 colors | wood grain | textured

Door/drawer front style: Slab

TreeTime Thick Wood Veneer Front | unique, natural wood:

Characteristics: Nature at its best – no two TreeTime fronts are alike. This gives them a truly individual look. The contemporary real wood fronts are comprised of a thick veneer. All superbly crafted, there are offered in a choice of six different front finishes, each in six color nuances ranging from Beechwood to Smoke. There are 6 different special surface finishes from sand-blasted to saw-cut to give them a unique feel. An matte lacquer seal protects the natural beauty of the wood surface from moisture, dirt and wear. Because they are resilient, durable and hard-wearing, the initial cost of these fronts pays for itself in just a few years.

Aesthetic appeal: When kitchen and living space blurs into one, TreeTime thick veneer fronts make the perfect choice. Whether with or without graining, smooth or with a texture from brushing or sandblasting, the naturally grown timber is and remains a classic among the materials used in kitchen and furniture construction. Surprisingly adaptable, the TreeTime fronts are shown to be most attractive not only when they are combined with other materials but go with every design style. In the farmhouse kitchen style? Well of course! Modern? Well yes! TreeTime adds class to every kitchen – not only where featured throughout but also as a statement on standalone units.

Series: Mora (PG7), Kalmar (PG7), Gotland (PG7), Falun (PG8), Göteborg (PG8), Östersund (PG8)

Colors: 6 colors and 6 textures/styles for 36 total combinations | wood grain | textured | rustic and smooth

Door/drawer front style: Slab | Vertical beveled plank slab | Framed beveled plank slab

Stone Veneer Front | unique, hard-wearing, easy-to-maintain:

Characteristics: Stone is a material that has always fascinated people. It is only in recent years that this piece of good, honest nature has been used in making luxury kitchens. The use of this relatively heavy material is made possible by a clever process of adeptly combining a panel made of certified engineered wood with a layer of real stone. No two fronts are exactly the same – each of them is unique from the depths of our planet. The surface is finished with a coat of protective lacquer. In everyday kitchen use, this genuine stone is extremely hard-wearing and very easy to maintain. A perfect option for anyone looking for something truly special to create a high-end solution that‘s full of character.

Aesthetic appeal: This is a totally unique look: the layer of real stone on this cabinet front offers exceptional character. The material‘s fine, relief-like texture and natural organic texture create a delightful finish. The luxury front is particularly effective in high-profile interior designs with open floor plans – such as in handleless island solutions or built-in tall units and sideboards. People with an eye for exceptional design love fronts that are really special and stunning.

Series: Bilbao (PG8)

Colors: 2 colors

Door/drawer front style: Slab

Ceramic Veneer Front | long-lasting durability:

Characteristics: Ceramic surfaces have literally gone through fire and water. Made from natural materials, they are fired at extremely high temperatures. The result is a durable material that is water and dirt-repellent, easy to clean and hygienic. Extremely robust and hard-wearing, ceramic is the recommended choice for a long kitchen life. As a material for kitchen fronts, ceramic is perfect for luxury chef’s kitchens.

Aesthetic appeal: Ceramic surfaces are newcomers and true performers. With their matte, natural look, and warm feel, they bring warmth to the kitchen. They are often combined with other natural materials, such as wood veneers, or, for example, chosen as an intentional contrast to high-gloss fronts in contemporary, designer kitchens.

Series: Amsterdam (PG8)

Colors: 2 colors

Door/drawer front style: Slab

Translucent Full Glass Front with Backed Frame | sleek elegant display:

Characteristics: Glass is a perfect material in both a classic and modern kitchen. This edge-to-edge glass front is easy to clean, durable, and scratch-resistant. Beind the glass exterior is a colored frame which focuses the eye towards the contents inside.

Aesthetic appeal: The glass fronts create reflection and contrast, epecially when used with adjacent matte finishes. Glass front cabinets also create an illusion of depth.  These glass fronts are a stunning way to display items and glassware, especially when lit from within. Edge-to-edge glass means that there are no exterior crevices to clean.

Frame Styles: 1

Frame Colors: 4 colors | solid

Glass Colors: Frosted, Smoked

Door front style: Slab

Opaque Full Glass Front | dramatic and unique:

Characteristics: An absolutely unique look, the Enigma metallic-shimmering front-panel material is an award-winning and exclusive creation that was developed by Bauformat. Every single front is one of a kind. The high-gloss front adds fascinating accents and earns high marks for performance: it is scratch and abrasion-resistant and extremely easy to keep clean.

Aesthetic appeal: The Enigma edge-to-edge glass front is a unique eye-catcher and gives off a magical radiance in its reflection. It is a very popular choice for use in combination with other front materials. Five finishes are currently available: Oilslick, Iceblue, Mélange, Oro and Platinum. For people with an eye for the exceptional, Enigma is an exclusive alternative to standard front materials.

Series: Enigma (PG8)

Colors: 5 colors | Oilslick and metallic textures

Door front style: Slab

Metal Framed Glass | modern sophisticated display:

Characteristics: With 2 styles of metal framed glass fronts – a thin metal frame with inset glass or a thicker mitered metal frame with flush mounted glass – you have so much flexibility for a sleek, modern accent to your kitchen design. The thin metal version offers frosted glass in a stainless steel frame with frosted glass and comes either drilled for door hardware or undrilled for a handleless look. The thicker, mitered version comes in 2 color options. Both are made with tempered safety glass and are easy to clean.

Aesthetic appeal: These brushed metal framed fronts are often used as accent fronts to contrast with another front material or used to showcase items on display with or without optional interior cabinet lighting.

Frame Styles: 2

Frame Colors: Stainless, Black

Glass Colors: Frosted, Smoked

Door front style: Inset and flush profiles

LUX CustomFronts | If you can dream it, we can make it:

The sky’s the limit – whatever you or your designer can envision, we can bring it to life. We offer wood, leather, glass, mirror, and we can color-match existing wood trim.  See our BauLux page for examples of finishes we have available as well as custom creations for clients.

Series: Lux (priced by the square meter)

Colors: infinite

Door/drawer front style: infinite